Tuesday, 9 June 2009

newTunes: Phoenix

[borrowed from google images]


best among their songs ...

You can get the MP3 free by checking them out from Nicky Digital- a cool new blog I found that monitors the NY party scene

{blog} Nicky Digital: FREE MP3: Phoenix - “1901” (RAC Maury Remix)

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here are some other good ones worth checking out...

If I ever feel better



Run, run, run

Also I stumbled upon The Bell House and BLYN YARD for all you New Yorkers looking for cool venues this summer playing good tunes and hosting cool events! Enjoy

out NY style - J

Monday, 8 June 2009

Lemon Watermelon Refresher


Yes there is a wink in this post because this amazing lemon watermelon juice has a twist...if you so fancy!

Firstly, Charlotte and I are officially long distance as you might be able to tell and boy does it feel weird. Moving back to New York has been quite an adjustment... Man you forget how fast these New Yorkers do things...and all of sudden I realize just how much that village in Scotland (which I had lived in for four years) had slowed me down. While I have been digesting all this I have also been reading Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. This book is not only super cute (and will be reviewed soon) but also serves as a wonderful reminder that there is nothing wrong with slowing down. What are we in such a rush for? And I am proud to say that EVEN New Yorkers slow down in the summer...and boy did I slow my parents down when I transformed this this innocent lemon watermelon juice into a gin cocktail for them!

So my mom bought a massive watermelon for my brother but somehow we could not eat it all, so out come our juicer and into went some huge watermelon junks. Man-o-man is watermelon juice unbelievably refreshing on a hot summer day. I thought to squeeze some lemons into the juice because one I love love love lemons and two sumer feels like the time to eat/drink/mix/squeeze them into everything. I shook up this mixture with some mint over ice and poured into a chilled martini class! I drank mine virgin but the rents sipped theirs with gin. I test-tasted and both were wonderful!

Lemon Watermelon (Gin) Summer refresher
1-2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice
2-3 tablespoons of gin (depending on how strong you like your drinks, or leave out all together) 1 martini glass full of fresh squeezed watermelon juice
some fresh mint leaves
ice and a shaker

Drink responsible and have FUN ;)

Jacqueline xx

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sun vs. Shade - whose side are you on?!

I can't quite believe I am in the sunshine in Algiers - only last week we were finishing exams! I am having a whistle stop tour of Algeria with Kirsty this week. I thought we would give you a glimpse of what we have been up to and I promise to put some recipes up in the next few days. We have been to Tipaza and Cherchell, eaten cakes and made canapés, ridden camels and escorted by three-wheeled motorbikes, walked and talked, sunning (or shade in my case!) and swimming…

At the airport...
In Cherchell...

All things yummy...

We are off to put lemon juice in our hair. Goldilocks eat your heart out!

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday and can’t wait to see you all at graduation!

Missing you J! Hope you are having a fantastic time in New York and are loving being back.

HUGE hugs & love

Charlotte Xx

Pier Pressure!

Airborne Anna and Jumping Jacqueline!

A week ago today we all finished our exams! Jacqueline and Anna had already planned to jump off the St Andrew's pier in style...but the rest of us were going for moral support and as towel holders.

Needless to say, the pressure of the pier got to the rest of us!

It was a fantastic way to end the year...any one up for a graduation jump?!

C & J