Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sun vs. Shade - whose side are you on?!

I can't quite believe I am in the sunshine in Algiers - only last week we were finishing exams! I am having a whistle stop tour of Algeria with Kirsty this week. I thought we would give you a glimpse of what we have been up to and I promise to put some recipes up in the next few days. We have been to Tipaza and Cherchell, eaten cakes and made canapés, ridden camels and escorted by three-wheeled motorbikes, walked and talked, sunning (or shade in my case!) and swimming…

At the airport...
In Cherchell...

All things yummy...

We are off to put lemon juice in our hair. Goldilocks eat your heart out!

Wishing everyone a lovely holiday and can’t wait to see you all at graduation!

Missing you J! Hope you are having a fantastic time in New York and are loving being back.

HUGE hugs & love

Charlotte Xx


  1. Can we go for a happy compromise?!! Sun and shade? So great to have blog updates again - and I missed the pier jump post somehow in the frantic end of year. Your photos look amazing. I am very jealous. I shall have to send you some of the multi-coloured rows of houses I can see across the waterfront on the way back from work. The hills in Bristol are a killer so there had to be something good at the top of them! Amusez-vous bien. LOTS of love, ~Cxxx

  2. ps Is that an arty splash on the LH cake or an error...I'm going for arty splash...Whichever - it looks amazing!

  3. LOOKS LIKE FUN! Wish I was exploring with you guys!! xx I just got internet too Char I will be in touch soon...I have a summer drink to post ;)