Sunday, 25 October 2009

Where's the Slope at: best pizza ever...

[borrowed from NYT]

Greg and Becca old friends from the camp days came to see me in New York today. After I got them lost enough to train it into Crown Heights I eventually found Franny's on Flatbush. We rocked out on sweet pepper and handmade sausage pizza and a clam and cream based pie too. Not to forget the amazing appetizers: crostini tonnato, sunchokes and succulent sausage . I do not know if it was all the amazing Calabrese wine or the unbelievable company, but I may have to conclude that that was the best AND most original pizza I have ever had! Straight up ever. And this is coming from a girl who has frequented Italy! It was written up as one New York Times best voted pizzas- that is no understatement. Hit it up!

After that amazing meal we somehow found room for possibly the most sickening yet delicious brownie sundays that I have ever had in my life at The Chocolate Room.

Conclusion: Park Slope rocks.

Hands down best night and meal I have had in a while!

peace and love,

there is always something to live for when eating well in good company


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  1. I'm SO excited to get the Jacqueline Montaperto food tour of NYC soon!