Tuesday, 6 July 2010

celiac relapse, simplifying my food, wild berry and seed salad

A week or so ago, something triggered what felt like a horrible Celiac relapse. I was in bed for days. I went over everything I could have eaten and nothing seemed to have wheat. I think either my gut needs some detoxing love or there is yet another thing I must steer clear of.

I am trying an elimination diet where I cut out certain foods and then slowly bring them back in on at a time to test what it is. I'll spare you the list (because it seems infinite) of what I cannot eat; however, I'll be posting lots of vegan, soy free, sugar free food without you even noticing ;) Well that's what I hoping, especially with Pete, who has to eat all the recipes, as he goes on a de-facto gluten-free, dairy free lifestyle change with me. He is such a sport.

* * *

Spending, what seems like all, my money at the farmer's market these past months is due to all the new produce that tempts me at each stand. Like the gooseberries and black raspberries that just had to be bought. I swear, like some people spend all their money on clothes without control, I go to the farmers market and cannot resist a beautiful fresh piece of produce, especially when the farmer tells you he or she picked it that dawn!

Wild Berry and Seed Salad

2 handfuls of fresh wild greens (mix of anything you like)
small handful of watercress
fresh slices of cucumber
handful of black raspberries
handful of gooseberries (or any too berries you prefer)
small handful of lightly toasted pumpkin seeds
lemon and olive oil dressing

Keep it simple and raw in the summer, enjoy the unadulterated taste of fresh produce!

p.s sending Charlotte extra love

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