Saturday, 27 November 2010

Food for thought...

The Aardvark Manifesto 2010

I can't believe December is almost upon us. Edinburgh has gone Christmas mad with fake snow being blown along George Street, garlands decking all the hotels and mulled wine being sold in mid-November. I am not ready!

Thinking of present ideas has become a welcome distraction from studying. They need to be personal, local, hopefully made with love and sustainable. Last week I stumbled across a gorgeous cookbook made by three friends in Australia. They are called 'The Hungry Girls' and have made two cookbooks of their favourite recipes. I think they are wonderful! What do you think of these images?

All images are taken from The Hungry Girls Cookbook

They are bound in thick recycled card with doodles and notes scattered across the pages. We have more than enough recipes that we cook day in day out - as do our friends (Julia/Hannah/Chloe - this means you!) - and I was hoping we could compile a cookbook of our own. What do you think?

Ideally, we could all choose two of our favourite recipes - pudding, snacks, main courses, vegetarian or gluten free, soups or salads.... and write out a simple recipe, take a photograph or two and add a little love and soul from each of us. This could be a quote, a book recommendation or just a little sketch.

I am happy to put them together and get them printed. I know it might be a mountain of a task to achieve before Christmas but maybe, just maybe, we could just do them anyway? I miss having you all around and I would love to know I am just that little bit closer to you as I cook your recipes.

Who knows where our cookbook may lead....

The Guardian are running a food photography competition at the moment and have put some tips on how to take good photographs. From our experience, light and love of what you have made are all you need!

Love from snowy Edinburgh,

Charlotte x

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