Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Making an effort

(photo credit shyla)

Charlotte! I am calling on us to restart this amazing blog! To continue our idea to stay in touch with blog posts when phone calls, texts, skype, emails and real-live-human visits are not possible. I am asking us to remember all our dreams to be creative, start businesses, cook like amazin' Italian mamas! And mostly to have fun....

Lately, I have been totally inspired to start re-blogging by quite a few of these ladies, who work round the clock, raise many children, remember to cook, share birth stories, or document gorgeous weddings:






The thing is that I do not agree with everything every blogger writes, or feel that our lives are always or ever that similar. I do not check blogs to compare my life to other peoples or to judge. I read blogs to be inspired, mostly by women, who are different than me but doing amazing things. Women who love to share their gifts, love and time. We all benefit. Whether we feel just like another blogger or learn to relate to someone not so like ourselves. Here goes to writing again....

p.s blog updates on my wedding and Charlotte's future wedding will be coming...a lot has happened in these years and we need to share!

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