Thursday, 19 November 2009

Act: Thanksgiving Challenge

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(Opps) I went to the New Amsterdam Market in October and forgot to blog about it, yes I know blogging has been weak, but I am picking up in it....and GOOD news the Market is coming up again - November 22nd- with a Thanksgiving theme. The Market is where I am picking up my turkey, which was slaughtered just today. Yes I really just blogged about my turkey.

It is/was a pastured raised heritage turkey from McEnroe Farms. For only $68 bucks I got me a 15 pound pastured raised organic turkey- I'd say that is a good deal. I am in the midst of planning 'the meal menu,' which will be extra special because Pete and his family are coming over. This meal is going to be completely local and farm market fresh. I am getting serious about my 100-mile diet (Pete and I are going to go full force when he gets over here); I thought the harvest celebration was a beautiful way to start.

Anyway I am challenging you guys (yes as you have noticed there is a new Act section of the blog) to be as local as you can when planning, shopping for, and cooking your Thanksgiving meal. Guess what? I have a feeling it will all taste better if you do!

Quickly here some obvious but resourceful tools/sites/magazines to check out when Thanksgiving planning...

Bon Apetit
Food Network

CENYC (for market info)
New Amsterdam Market (shopping)


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