Thursday, 19 November 2009

Becoming an Urban Homesteader?

So apparently it does not take much work to find ways to urban homstead. Finding a free Greenthumb-sponsored canning event to frequent on a Tuesday night with fellow urban homesteaders (wink wink Will and Cameron) and infamous local food activists (Classie) will make you quickly realize it's actually not that hard at all to homestead in a city. It's even kind of social. It helps local shops, restaurants and institutions like these down below thrive, because instead of buying big you make a choice to support the small.

The Brooklyn Kitchen/ The Brooklyn Labs/ The Meat Hook

Urban Rustic NYC

Brooklyn Flea

Rooftops (of course)

New Amsterdam Market

Greenpoint Food Market

People like her

and Matthew at SCRATCHbread

his supporters at Get Fresh Market and Table and Brooklyn Larder

and busy bees like these dudes and backyard gardeners like her --> coming soon

Maybe the idea of homesteading has become more than a local movement?

"Almost 700 people from 93 countries, many of whom are small-scale food producers, have gathered outside the U.N. summit. They are there in behalf of the People’s Food Sovereignty Forum, and they are pushing for small-scale, organic, sustainable food-sovereignty and food-security programs, as opposed to large-scale agribusiness with its dependence on genetically modified organisms and chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Michelle Obama said last March when planting the White House’s organic kitchen garden, “It is so important for them [children] to get regular fruits and vegetables in their diets, because it does have nutrients, it does make you strong, it is all brain food.” The first lady of the U.S. made the point that a homegrown, organic garden is a sustainable and affordable way to strengthen family food security." (From Hungering For a True Thanksgiving)

teach the kids yo!

and don't forget to visit the farms


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  1. Dear Jacquie (is that how you spell it???)

    You are doing so many great things it seems. Keep up the good work; you are an inspiration!
    Rachel (Mikulsky)