Saturday, 27 March 2010

a new direction...a NEW me...

Hello! I have some it could be looked at as a big bummer but I am going to take it in good stride because we all knew it was coming...

After blood tests, an upper endoscopy, being looped out on drugs, and well suffering from intense digestive and emotional problems for...hmmm...what feels like forever now, I can finally say that I have Celiacs disease. It is an autoimmune disease that stops my from processing gluten. And did you know that untreated it can cause cancer of the bowel, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety, besides the obvious digestives issues? My doctor also believes that I am lactose intolerant, which I kind of figured. So here we go, I am going to do this now, I am going to go gluten and casein free. Once and for all and strictly may I add. Ah-Oh don't get scared, I promise I am still going to whip up amazing masterpieces. Things you would never even realize are gluten and diary free. I have already found a great gluten free pasta that Pete says taste (virtually) the same as durum wheat pasta.

I have to admit I have not decided yet if I will create a new blog to be the sister blog of this cute one. I don't want to change this blog too much and I also want to be true to gluten and casein free readers. However, I am currently internet-less at home (and probably will be until Time Warner sorts its act out) so I thought I should start documenting the healing right here.

But let me just be clear there cannot be any farting around here. I mean, no more dabbling with Spelt! Like gluten-free girl I want people suffering with Celiac or any gluten or dairy intolerance to know they can bake something up that I have suggested and be free of ANY pain. I mean physical and emotional.

I hope I have all your support here. Don't worry I am not down with Tofutti cream cheese and loads of xanthum gum in recipes. I hope to bake up lovely treats much like our Ultimate Feel-Good Cookie- things you forget are gluten and dairy free!

Here goes...join never know you might feel better too...

with peace and love


  1. Well I'm so intrigued about what you are going to cook up. I have noticed soooo many more gluten free products on our grocery shelves here. I'll have to check them out. I'm glad that you got it all sorted out and that NOW you know FOR SURE that you will lead a gluten free life. I really miss you and chatting with you. I'd call you on my mobile but it would cost me a fortune! When I get a land line I'll send you the number. Lots of love to you and your love! (P.S how great is it that he is finally with you?) big canadian bear hugs

  2. So glad it was diagnosed!I hope your new direction is a good one!