Friday, 28 May 2010

I don't even what to title this post...maybe that's when I realized I have so much to say, but really nothing to say. Does that make any sense? We have not blogged in forever. I miss writing - A L OT! I miss Charlotte, I actually miss a lot of the life I had been so pining to leave back in Scotland.

I just read read Hannah's post and it was brilliant- you know what- it made me realize that this has been an absolute insane year. The least I could do would reflect on it more. My life feels like it has turned upside down, about 100 different times this year. I miss writing to you -my friends- knowing that you can read about it and feel closer to me. Sometimes staying in touch as best you should is hard.

I got this comment from Aron and Ashley from Hither and Thither on my last post and 1) it was so lovey and kind 2) it made me realize I miss writing to reach out to new people and share recipes, experiences and life.

SCHOOL IS OUT! Officially! As of more posts to come and more time to cook up yummy summer recipes. Also I am running the NYC ING Marathon and training for that. Trying to eat healthy etc...but want to share with you the most amazing gluten-free brownies I have tried yet. (Yes not exactly the best running food, but everyone needs a brownies sometimes.) Let me tell you I have been doing my fair share of tasting gluten- free desserts.

Leila, one of my best friends for almost a decade now, has been leaving little GF treaties on my desk since I got diagnoses (by the way its such a nice thing to do for someone). These brownies started at me from 8am until 1pm until I finally cracked. Then I shared them with Pete and his parents for dinner- needless to say there are not many left now. They are "DA BOMB" even for those of you who would never dream of optionally eating anything gluten free. The trick: they are based in almond flour instead of all these funky, as my friend Allie says, "sandpaper-tasting" flours.

Behold Tate's!

Also in the Fall I start my Masters in Health Education at Teacher's College, Columbia. Besides being really nervous to take out loans, I am very excited. Speak soon! Glad to be back!

Live in Life with Love

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