Monday, 13 July 2009

The perfect summer side: Fresh Lemon and Parsley Leeks

This side is fresh, simple, healthy and most importantly tastes amazing. I serve it as a side to accompany fish or with something heavier, like pasta, just to get greens in there. The funny part is it always stands out like a main course. The leeks get mentioned more than the main.

Ill tell you I did not use to love leeks put this spring I got thrown into the love-all-things-leeky club after reading Why French Women Don't Get Fat. Yes I know! Wohoo I can feel your judgement- but NO just hold on. A quick disclaimer about this book - because let me tell you I do not read diet books - it is actually beautifully hilarious, very women empowering and really not about dieting as much as learning to how eat properly, enjoy food, stop worrying and just embrace life. I had been seeing it everywhere and hearing about it non-stop, so I decided to buy it and honestly I loved it. Anyway Mireille got me onto leeks like no other, probably because ever other recipe she mentions includes leeks.

They have great detoxing powers and they always make me feel fresh and new, so here is my I-think-I-have-been-eating-too-much-heavy-food/ what-an-easy-great-side recipe:

Fresh Lemon and Parsley Leeks
Serves 2
Prep and Cook time: no more than 15-20 min

2 large leeks
handful of chopped flat-leaf Italian parsley
half a lemon squeezed
a dollop of luxury organic butter
Chop the leeks into 3\4 inch sized circles. Rinse them in cold water and then toss them into boiling water, reduce the heat (so they are not be boiled) and cook for no more than two minutes. You want them to remain a little crunchy with a fresh bite. Blanche them in cold water, dry them and then saute them in a pan with a splash of extra-virgin olive oil for a couple minutes. Then turn the heat off, mix in half the parsley, a dollop of butter and squeeze the lemon juice on. Plate and garnish the remaining parsley. Serve immediately.

Be innovative- maybe toss them on pasta or an egg next time,

Jacqueline xx


  1. This looks sooo good J! So where are you now? NYC or Brighton?xo

  2. And p.s. I was in a store the other day and was checking out the book section and just happen to come across French Women Don't Get Fat and bought it and thought of you.