Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where the h*ll we have been...and some teatime thumb print cookies

Well we graduated...

then we got all dressed up...

...then we partied!!!

...and then partied some more...

... then after we all said our 'see you laters' not 'goodbyes' Pete's family gave my family a lovely tour of the eastern Highlands ...

visiting castles...

... and learning how to make fire and flour like the first Scots (then called Picts) had

...then Pete and I had some great visitors down in Brighton...

the lovely, super London and San Fran init' Huw and Rach

and then the awesome EU backpacking couple of Leila and Tim

After the boys became addicted to Fifa (Xbox) Leila and I decided to bake up a healthy treat which is versatile enough to be served as an after dinner dessert as well as a mid-day teatime teaser. Check out our spelt and agave based oaty thumbprint cookies, filled with either dark chocolate or jam (we used St. Dalfour No Sugar Added Thick Apricot jam because that is my fav).

Spelt Agave Thumb Print Cookies

Prep time 10-15 minutes
Cook time 15-20 minutes
1/3 cup butter
1/2 banana
1/4 cup agave syrup (or honey) or alternatively 1/3 cup of brown sugar
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract (or almond if you like)
1 cup whole grain spelt four (whole wheat would probably work as well)
1/2 cup of ground almonds/ almond meal (lightly toasted)
1/4 cup of roughly chopped whole rolled oats
Chocolate or Jam

Cream the butter and the agave together and then add in the vanilla extract and the mushed banana. In another bowl mix all dry ingredients together. After the wet and dry are mixed together refrigerate the batter for 30 minutes. Then take a small amount of batter in your hands and roll a small ball out of the batter. Place that on the greased baking tray and carefully make a thumbprint indent in the middle. Touch up the cookies so that all the sides of the cookies are even in measurement. This recipe makes about 15 cookies. Bake the cookies for 15minutes ( at 350 F /180 C) or longer if needed, so that they are slightly golden brown. If you are putting chocolate in the middle then break off a piece and put in the thumbprint whole as soon as the cookies come out of the oven, the chocolate will melt perfectly itself from th heat of the cooling cookies.

Peace, J



  1. I love those photos Jacki! You look gorgeous! Congratulations on graduating!
    And I love thumbprint cookies, they are so scrumptious.
    --Anna V

  2. Love the photos (I'm honoured to be on your blog!) and you guys!
    The cookies look delicious - they will be on my "to make" list for this summer!
    besos xxxx

  3. Crackberry Momma17 July 2009 at 13:20

    We LOVED meeting the MonteNewYorkers,and have been wowing folk ever since with J's party trick! Angelo, it's time to teach us some new napkin tricks.......