Saturday, 25 July 2009

Premier Mai

I have yet to find a more atmospheric place in Algiers than Premier Mai market where we buy most of our food. Stalls crammed with goods, people of all ages jostling to get passed, stifling is an experience worth having. As you enter the market, shops in various guises display clothes and an assortment of accessories. The more colourful and novelty-like the better. It is always worth having a good search around as you never know what you might find, or what you might find you need! There is an amazing cultural blend within in the market with Abayas hanging next to tight tops and skimpy dresses. I know Jacqueline would be impressed at the shoes on sale - heels that I will never be able to walk in! This is a photo heavy post but it is the only way you can experience this place.

I think the only thing which might improve this place is a little cafe, somewhere to buy a coffee and sit and watch the world go buy. There is so much going on but you end up following the river of people taking you deeper into the market itself. Going against the current is not that easy! Further into the market, the fruit and vegetable stalls start to emerge and they were the point of today's visit. Aisle upon aisle of produce, stalls piled high with ripe fruit and dented vegetables. Odd shaped vegetables are at home here. Often you will be allowed to taste before you buy...figs, nectarines and herbs have all been bought this way. Once you have seen what is on offer that day you are quickly able to go to the stalls with the best selection or most ripe and competitively priced food. Almost all of the food is grown in Algeria - we like to support local on this blog! The odd imported avocado or mango makes a rare appearance although their prices tend to put everyone off buying them. Nougat is a firm favourite of my brothers...pretty impressive blocks I think!

Now that we have got a well stocked fridge, expect some new recipes on the blog in the next few days. I am hoping to do some baking and different salad dishes.

Char xx


  1. Yea Yea local market shopper! xox

  2. Welcome back Charlotte! You are (almost) making me nostalgic for Algiers. Why no pictures of the sheeps heads? ;-) Hope to see you when I get back...