Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Brighton Baby

This past weekend I headed down to Brighton to visit Pete. Oh wait I forgot some of you might not know the absolutely adorable Scottish man I get to claim as all my own. Well here he is ...

I know so cute! Anyway before I post the next blog- Pete’s Thai Yellow Curry with Shrimp- I thought I would do a Brighton blog. Pete lives and works in Brighton. We met three and half years ago at St Andrews University, and having graduated before me, he has already entered the 'real world' . It is amazing to step out of the 'bubble' -what we call St Andrews- and go down to what feels likes another part of the world...

To visit him I hop on the oh-so-quick seven hour train journey down, or fly when his lovely parents Pete (yes another Pete) and Yvonne drive me to the airport. Brighton is about an hour south of London, in East Sussex. Personally, I love it. We are both so glad that he got transferred there last minute. At the time we did not know what a blessing in disguise it would be... It is super alternative, hipster, artsy, and most importantly there are plenty of good restaurants and markets.

On our last long Sunday afternoon walk, giggling over our clever idea to make Thai Yellow curry from scratch, I brought Pete’s camera out with us to take a million and one pictures of Brighton. Of course Pete insisted I stop looking like a tourist, but before that I snuck some good pics in...here is an idea of this sea-side city.

Rock pebble beach, old English houses, wonderful deli's and restaurants...

And this is for Charlotte... Jamie Oliver is opening an Italian restaurant in Brighton. Oh yea you heard properly. Charlotte and I kind of love Jamie Oliver and Pete showed me where his new hot spot will be, so of course a picture had to go up.



  1. Your photos are beautiful - looking at them makes me want to escape to Brighton as well.

    And, Charlotte, I think your bowl pictures are gorgeous...I never think of taking photos of such ordinary every-day objects...I'm going to try and start!

  2. Why is there no mention of Pete's lovely and dashing housemate....

  3. Yes, Verena is very pretty.

  4. I am so impressed with your talent. You guys make it look so easy.

  5. Crackberry momma21 March 2009 at 14:00

    I want to see a picture of Pete's lovely and dashing housemate.....

  6. I can`t believe it !! It just gets better and better ! Lovely.