Sunday, 29 March 2009

newTunes: Arcade Fire

My NY girl Francesca requested that Charlotte and I suggest some tunes on our blog. We said, yea why not? I thought I would start the tradition here and now. Since Char and I are on Spring Break/ Easter Holidays, as we blog to all of you we are also blogging to each other. It will be a little taste of life after Uni- when we leave each other :(

Last night Pete and I were surfing- not waves, the net- and when I stumbled on the ad for the movie 'Where the Wild Things Are', Pete said 'that's Arcade Fire!' So basically Arcade Fire is not a new band, but it's new to me. Arcade Fire is a bit out there, but I think the lyrics and all the instruments make for a really interesting sound. Check them out!

Arcade Fire with David Bowie- Wake Up

Arcade Fire- My body is a cage

Arcade Fire- Rebellion (Lies) live Letterman

Arcade Fire- Keep the Car Running (as Jonathan Ross 2007)

Arcade Fire- No cars Go

Arcade Fire- Intervention

Arcade Fire- Neon Bible

p.s Char tell me what Angus thinks ;)


  1. Omgosh! I went to go see them play in Central Park freshman year at NYU, and guess who came out for the encore with them?
    David Bowie!!!

    H'amazing. I am glad you have discovered them and love them as well.

  2. One of my favorite bands!! You guys should also check out TV on the Radio, a band from Brooklyn, They have some great tunes, and the lead singer played the groom in the film Rachel Getting Married. Good stuff. xoxo

    "Dancing Choose"

    "Wolf Like Me"


    "Golden Age"

    The songs "Staring at the Sun", "Crying", and "Halfway Home" are also excellent. Ha pretty much all of their stuff is. I love the addition of this section! xoxo

  3. KELLY AMAZING. I am listening to them now. Thank you so much for the suggestion. You have to definitely help us with this section!
    xxooxxoo JM