Thursday, 26 March 2009

Perfect post!

Does anyone else get excited about the postman? The reassuring flap of the letterbox, the thud as post hits the ground, the anticipation of seeing where the envelope is from – do you recognise the handwriting? We are not talking about any old post here! Who wants bills, flyers, council information? We mean personal letters, quick postcards from near and far, a recipe, a newspaper article, just a simple hello I am thinking of you….

Here are a few letters we have received recently...In such a globalised world, the handwritten letter can get forgotten amongst the immediacy of emails and texts. We are guilty of this! Just take a few minutes out of your day and let someone know you are thinking about them. Don’t be shy! You need to start sending some letters if you want to receive them.

Why don’t you put pen to paper and write someone a letter or postcard. Have fun choosing a stamp and then send it on its way with a smile and some love. We can start a postal revolution! Stop the post offices being closed down and send a little something.

Charlotte & Jacqueline Xx


  1. Whilst I am yet to receive a recipe in the post, when I do get the odd package or card it brings a smile to my face. The more personal touch of handwriting makes it so much more enjoyable to hear from people.

    Best luck with the site, C+J ;)

  2. I love this (blog) post because I LOVE getting mail!

    Reading this made me remember how much I enjoyed receiving handwritten letters decorated with stickers and pictures from friends who had moved abroad when I was younger. Now we email and although I like finding a new message in my inbox, it isn't quite the same...

    I think it will be my Easter resolution to write more letters! Hope you're both having a wonderful break so far xxx

  3. What lovely postcards (thank you for your message, Charlotte - what a privilege!!). Getting post is one of those rare treats (that makes up for any bank statement or bill). May you all get lots! Cxxx