Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Sneak Peek: Algeria

I have not quite disappeared...to reassure you that I am still alive and kicking, I thought I would give you a little look into life out in Algiers. The weather is not as hot as normal but I am thankful for that. No suncream needed today! My posts this week will be coming from Algiers and I have lined up some treats for you! Think...iced tea drinks, Maghrebi recipes, photographs from the souq and some Easter crafts.

This is Meriem. She is our guardian angel in the house, presiding over the marble pool. My family take it in turns to decorate her with any number of items; she has been dressed up in ray-bans, hats, scarves, beads. Today she is swagged in tartan bunting reminding us all of home.

Our house is a labryinth of arches and tiles, mosaics and marble, wood and windows. The colours are traditional Maghrebi styles with blue, green and cream in abundance. Each room is decorated in different tiles and we have had fun mixing our belongings with the house. It is certainly not everyone's taste but it definitely suits our family. Can I persuade any of you to come out and visit?!

My little brother Angus was intrigued by the healthy cookies (check out the earlier post!). He is keen to practice as many cooking skills as he can before he starts University and therefore cooking for himself! Jacqui and I are big fans of the spontaneous cook - throw in whatever you have in the kitchen, try something new or something unexpected. We did not have any chocolate in the house - I will be buying some more later - but we did have a pile of sticky sweet dates. Angus used exactly the same recipe as our original healthy cookies but instead of adding chocolate, he chopped about 50g of dates and another 50g of walnuts. With an extra spoonful of honey, these cookies are being fought over as I type!

Charlotte Xx


  1. COOL! I miss you Char. It is so cool to see your house out there! I cannot wait to read AND taste your recipes. My camera is broken, so everyone look at for Charlotte's AMAZING North African recipes. Lots of love! A shame I am not there to steal all the sun rays from you huh ;)

  2. it not fair!!! i only got one ckie.. anusgot like a bijllion!!!! :(

    can we make some more??:D


  3. I resent my Israeli stamped passport. Ugh. On the upside - there couldn't be a better blog to be subscribed to!! Your house looks amazing. Can I request bikini-ing the angel? And putting yellow ducks in the pool as they've not yet made it to the North Sea?! Love xxx

  4. Chloe's comment made me laugh and I definitely second the bikini idea!!

    Charlotte - your house is BEAUTIFUL, I am very jealous and wish I could come and visit!

    Enjoy Algiers - I can't wait to see you and Jacqui soon to continue ticking off our bucket list!!!

    (p.s. you should sneak peek your easter egg hunt next weekend!!)