Sunday, 22 March 2009

Happy Mother's Day...

I found this photograph as part of a set in a charity shop and they have quickly become some of my most treasured possessions. I love the way the mother is looking at her child, full of unconditional love, although the baby is far more interested in other things! Today is Mother’s Day where we can all forget about everything else we need to do and share some love with our Mummy/Mum/Mama/Mother/Mom/Momma….(Don’t panic if you are American – you celebrate Mother’s Day a little later than we do across the pond!).

I am not sure if my Mummy knows how much of her is around me everyday. My little Russian Wedding Ring was given to me by her and I wear it all of the time (unless I am doing something where I might lose it, in which case it is safely on my dressing table). Her beaten up leather satchel from her time at University still gets admiring glances today as it is lugged around St Andrews. I have all of her postcards she has sent me this year (she is very good at sending postcards!) around my little cottage and I never fail to be thrilled when I see another one lying inside my front door. Some of you might have seen me in this patchwork quilt jacket; my Granny made it for my Mummy and now I get to wear it! I love it even more knowing there is a little piece of my family in that jacket.

I can’t spend today with my mummy but I will be making up for lost time a week today! I know that flowers go down nicely but if you are not at home today, why not make your mum a cd with your favourite songs on, cook something yummy for her when you are next with her or simply just call to let her know you are thinking of her.

I am off to make a phone call! Have a lovely day!

Charlotte Xx


  1. Caroline Bullen22 March 2009 at 13:25

    heya char!! completely forgot today was mutti's day, but then again she had to go to her french class and i went to the beach so if you tried to ring and nobody answered its not cause we dont love you, its becasue nobody was home :)

    Je t'aime (haha correct for once)


  2. what a lovely post!!