Saturday, 25 April 2009

Drop Biscuits

It was Saturday morning.....

so something warm was due to come out of Pete's oven. I am down visiting him in Brighton and since yesterday was his birthday, I thought I would continue the birthday love by baking. Baking...the way to ANYONE's heart. So after I whipped these up Pete and Jordan (Pete's childhood friend who has just moved down to Brighton too!) tested them and gave me the O.K to put these biscuits on the blog. Three biscuits later, they confirmed that these biscuits are not only definitely blog worthy but are going to fly off anyone's counter like hot cakes. I used spelt flour because I bake with it instead of wheat almost always. It gave the biscuits a nice flavour. They are just barely sweet, making them lovely alone or good with some berries and whipped cream or even something savoury like gravy. Today we just ate them plain. Be creative with yours and enjoy!

Drop Biscuits:

Prep time 15 min (or until golden brown)

Cook time 15 min


2 cups (240-260 gms) of organic white spelt four (or all purpose white wheat)
2 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespons of unrefined demerara sugar
2 tablespoons of honey
1/2 cup ( around 122.5 gms) butter (cubbed, room temperature)
1 organic free range egg
2/3 cup (around 5.32 oz) of orgnaic milk ( I used skimmed, you could probably use buttermilk too!)

Grease a tray and preheat the oven to 450 F, (around 230 C)

Mix the flour, baking powder together and rub the butter through the dry mixture with your fingers. The butter should be chilled but soft and make sure the mixture is crumbley but evenly mixed.

Add the sugar into the mixture.

Add the milk (best at room temperature, rather than chilled) to the beaten egg and the honey.

Slow mix in the wet into the dry. Do not overmix. Mix until there is an even distribution of moistness.

Drop the batter into balls on the try, and then take the back of yours spoon and flatten the top a bit.

Lastly enjoy these easy-throw-together-last-minute biscuits

J xx


  1. these look amazing!
    i cannot wait to try them down in DC, once i have a kitchen that is bigger than a toilet seat.

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  3. Hi girls! I finally made a food post for you on my blog so check it out. It's vegan and it's chocolate!!! miss you loads xo jules

  4. I'm gonna make me these biscuits to eat along wi' ma grits and ma sweet tea, ya'll should come join!