Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

There is nothing Jacs and I like more than chocolate and sunshine! We are both looking forward to the warmer weather - reading outside, ice creams, beach walks and impromptu feet dipping in the sea, topping up ours tan (OK, Jacs is going to be doing it on my behalf!). Today was just a little taste of sunshine to remind us of the summer months ahead with the added bonus of chocolate eating!

A very quick visit to my cousins in Frankfurt kick started the Easter excitement. This dish is one of their Easter decorations although there were definitely more eggs in it when I arrived!

It could not have been more perfect weather for a picnic lunch and a small Easter egg hunt. Pittenweem has been blessed this weekend - the sun was shining, there were very few clouds in the sky and the sea breeze was not too chilly. I had a lovely afternoon with Andrea, Emily and Hannah and we were later joined by Anna for our Easter egg hunt! It was so warm at one point that Hannah and I debated about whether suncream might be needed!

Lunch was eaten on my overgrown lawn and was a mixture of salads and dips followed by some healthy cookies with apricots. It was so warm on the picnic blanket...we could have easily stayed there all day had Emily not been worried about the Pittenweem Sea Monster taking her car at high tide!

Anna arrived just in time for strawberries on the pier which gave me some time to hide some eggs up the nearest wynd. In plant pots, on windowsills, stone walls, moss, buildings. There was definitely a competitive spirit between these girls - just look at them running after the eggs!

After two wynds and a few easter eggs, the bowls were filled and Pittenweem was full of very giggly girls. I think we might have to repeat this next year...

I hope you all had a lovely day today filled with friends, family, chocolate and sunshine...

Charlotte Xx


  1. Looks lovely Charlotte! Miss you and your beautiful smile xo Happy Easter!

  2. Easter in Algeirs was great fun too char!! pity you missed i.. although i know you wouldn't have liked the three legs of lamb that got devoured here... Eggs were scattered around the compound and the adults were fairly amused to see me, the mitchell girls, two boys from some random famly and Ahmed (Andy's driver) running around, laughing and giggling whilst on an egg hunt!!!
    and i found out an interesting tibit for you.... Paul (:p) has a passion for horror movies and apparently he loves saw.
    Well... since you have your slight obsession with him i thought you would like to know.
    Je t'aime

  3. I WISH I COULD HAVE BEEN THERE - the Easter egg hunt looks like so much fun. I bet the Pittenweem residents liked it as well!
    And, Charlotte, I think you need to spill the beans...Paul?! Haha.

  4. Sunshine, picnics and candy. Love! I also love pictures of people having fun. Nice!

  5. thanks again charlotte for my best easter ever at st.andrews! great company, food, weather, i can't imagine it otherwise!
    did notice there's no recipe for that buckwheat dish....i bought buckwheat but don't really know what to do from there!
    lots of love, and hope there will be a rematch on the egg hunt!