Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Open Faced Mackerel Avocado Sandwich

First things first- I CANNOT begin to describe how sad/mad/not-rad I have been without a camera while visiting Pete in Brighton. Major Kudos for Charlotte for carrying the blog! But today I realized that Charlotte and I had made a quick student lunch before the Easter break which we never posted so whoooot whoot- post away!

This time of the year is total crunch time. All of our essays are due the same day (no really)! So quick lunches like this make life seem a little more manageable and of course tasty. I do not think time should ever mean you are sacrificing good OR healthy food, which you eat slowly and enjoy (hopefully) in the company of lovely peps!

So this 5 minute (ok maybe 7 minute) lunch is not only healthy, fast enjoyable but also in SEASON. Charlotte and I are really trying to up-the-ante on being seasonable and sustainable. The one exception is that avocados do not grow in our part of the world (the Scottish hills ;) but mackerel do and are local to Scotland. And the avocado is the know how we feel about them!!!

If, occasionally, you buy food shipped from afar (which does support local farmers in the developing world), ride your bike or walk to the gym/class/work that day. Cut your carbon footprint down in another way. People live on extreme sides of the camp, and don't get me wrong we love being local (it really is the only way to live) but since we splurged and got a tropical avocado, we will cut down our footprint in another way. Oh and one more point spring is the season for avocados and late spring is the season for mackerel.

Back to the sandwich-I always digress...

Prep time 5-7 min ;)
Cook time 0 min
Serves two

2 pieces of wild or organic smoked mackerel (we like it peppered)
1 medium to small avocado
2 pieces of toasted rye bread (or any sturdy bread you love)
1 bag/bowl of wild rocket, baby spinach, garden leaves etc
2 part apple cider vinegar / 1 part quality extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
1 carrot, shredded (optional)

Toss the dressing into the salad. Toast up your rye bread. Mush most of the avocado (gently) into the toasted bread whilst saving some to garnish on the top. Slice the smoked mackerel (however you find pretty) and arrange it on the open-faced sandwich. Serve it over the salad as well as tossing some pieces of salad on top.

And VOILA, so fast, so easy, so healthy!

Bon appetit.


p.s I made the most amazing healthy (baked) Nachos last night for Pete and I. I really wish I could have posted them, but I'll just have to remake them with Char (yummy) and post them soon! I have been so in the mood for Mexican lately :)

p.s. 2 Charlotte and I are counting down the days we hand our papers in, you guys will be flooded with new recipes...every afternoon


  1. Come back soon J! I miss our lunches! Xxx

  2. I just made this for lunch - SO GOOD!! xoxo