Friday, 10 April 2009

Trip to Tipaza...

On my first visit out of Algiers, we ventured out to see the ruins of Tipaza, an Ancient Roman fishing town. It really was spectacular and I am afraid my photographs do not do it justice. We were blessed with a sunny day which made the visit even more worthwhile! Tipaza is spread out on the coast and as you walk around you can really imagine how bustling and impressive this town would have been. In fact, we did not cover the entire site which just means a return visit. I am slightly obsessed with Roman columns so I apologise for the number of photographs of them but as they say, a picture tells a thousand words...
P.S. There is a little something for Chloe and Julia, fans of Meriem, in this post!

I might be tempted to give a prize to the first translator of this stone! My family don't count! ;)
About 10 minutes drive from Tipaza we drove up to this Christian monument, something I was not necessarily expecting in Algeria! Apparently, Cleopatra's daughter is buried here. I can only imagine how awful it must have been to get these square stones up from sea level to the top of this hill...

There are crosses on all four compass points of the monument - they really are in good condition considering their age and proximity to the coast.

And just for Chloe and Julia... I am afraid Meriem was a little too shy to get into her bikini but she said it would be ok for you to see her in her beach cover up. It is hand embroidered by the women of Kabiyle in Algeria and they first shear the sheep, card the wool, weave it to make the fabric and then finish it with hand embroidery. It is very soft and beautifully made.

I think we have now all had an overdose of Roman for today! Have a lovely Easter weekend!

Charlotte Xx


  1. LOVE IT! Meriem looks fantastic - very demure indeed.
    And what an interesting post.
    See you soon, happy Easter!!!

  2. Meriem's bikini - we are working on it! D