Saturday, 18 April 2009

Otters sing lullabies...

A mini folk festival is happening in St Andrews this weekend! It is going to be showcasing alternative types of music not always represented by events in the town. If this poster is anything to go by, 'Otters sing lullabies' looks like it will be fantastic event. If you fancy spending an afternoon making daisy chains and listening to gorgeous music, get yourself down to St Mary's Quad tomorrow!

If you are stuck inside and working hard to meet deadlines, or far away from St Andrews, why not show your support and listen to the bands whilst you work...

Charlotte is currently listening to...'I am weary' by Alison and the Mings. Are you ever attracted to a song based on what it is called and how you feeling at that moment? Wishing Huw sunshine and a long electrical extension lead for tomorrow!

C & J


  1. Crackberry Momma20 April 2009 at 20:54

    I like Santana and the Beach Boys myself. Don't suppose you get many beach boys in St Andrews...probably too cold.

    How about a picture of Pete's flat mate-could he be a possible beach boy?

  2. how bout if one of the chefs used to look like Phil Collins as a baby?